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Take control of your car’s functioning with our preventative maintenance strategies.

Preventative automobile maintenance is a small step you can take to keep your car running smoothly and operating efficiently. When you make preventative maintenance a priority, you’re putting yourself in control by addressing your vehicle’s weaknesses before they become full-blown problems.

Tire alignment, one of the services offered at Dorr Standard Service, is preventative maintenance you can't afford to skip.

Learn about tire alignment from our experts

The two front tires of your car should be completely parallel to each other; so should your two back ones. If the front and back tires of your car are perfectly parallel, congratulations – your tires are properly aligned! The truth is, when you purchase a new car, its tires are in near-perfect alignment, but this deteriorates over time.

A car with properly aligned tires is safer and easier to drive. Having your tires aligned also removes stress from other parts of the car, preventing them from unnecessary wear-and-tear.

Reap the benefits of properly aligned tires:

  • Better gas mileage: Properly aligned tires don’t have to work as hard to move forward, meaning you’re burning less gas, which saves you money and reduces pollution emitted from your vehicle
  • Increased tire mileage: Properly aligned tires wear evenly over time, making them last as long as possible, saving you money
  • Reduced wear-and-tear on other car parts: Improper alignment creates pressure on the steering system and causes your brakes to work harder each time you come to a stop
  • Easier driving experience: A car with properly aligned tires does not pull more strongly to the left or right
  • Greater safety: A car with properly aligned tires has greater traction on slippery surfaces

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